“A revolutionary new system for communicating using proven techniques for instantly understanding others, so you can tailor your approach for maximum impact.”

Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

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  • SRP Leadership System®
  • TeamWorks™
  • Online Coaching Tool™
  • The Career Success Center™
  • Improving Critical Competencies Tool™
  • High Performer Predictive Tool™

Healthcare Solutions

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Increasing Adherence & Improving Patient Satisfaction

  • SpeedReading Patients®
  • Individualized Wellness Profiles™
  • Collaborative Care™

Career Development

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 Maximizing Career Satisfaction & Success

  • My Personal Job Coach™
  • Do What You Are®

Sales and Marketing

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Accurately Reaching Prospects

  • Leads 2 Sale®
  • Sales ESP®
  • Personality Type Based Marketing Research
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